Friday, October 12, 2012

How to Ship Cupcakes?....Attempt #3

Gosh, this is my 3rd time trying this and I just can't see to get it right! I'm starting to get frustrated with this.

Here's a quick re-cap:

Attempt #1 - Complete and Utter disaster

Attempt #2 - Very close, but the container came open during shipment

Attempt #3 - Failed again. But I came closer... read below.

So this time around, since my cupcake container popped open during shipment and created a bit of a mess for Ben, I decided I was going to make certain that it could NOT come open this time around.

So I taped it up real good. Ben's exact words: "You really made this thing hard to open"

LOL. I guess I did.

But did the case come open? Nope! However, I had a different problem:

The heat got to them and they MELTED!

Yikes. But at least the cupcake part of them was still in-tact. (And Ben still ate them!)

So, I may have sent them regular mail (1st mistake)... And I may have mailed them on a Saturday, leaving a dead time day on Sunday (2nd mistake).... And that Saturday happened to be the Saturday before Columbus Day, leaving 2 dead time days where my cupcakes were sitting at the post office waiting to be mailed (3rd mistake).


So, Of course I already have a new plan devised:

1. Do not ship on a Saturday.
2. Do not send by regular mail. Instead send overnight.
3. Do not send right before a holiday.
4. Send in a climate control box/cooler with ice packs to keep them from melting.

I'm gonna remember the pretty before picture again:

And I haven't given up yet! I'll post again on my next attempt, and hopefully they will make it all the way to Texas un-harmed. (this task is not as easy as I thought when I first declared I would figure it out!)

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