Friday, April 13, 2012

How to Ship Cupcakes? ... Attempt #2

My second attempt to safely ship cupcakes across the country from St. Louis, MO to Lubbock, TX.

Last October, I set out to make and send cupcakes to my brother, who is away at college at Texas Tech. Unfortunately, what I thought was a great idea failed miserably. But I won't give up trying!

(See attempt #1 here: How to Ship Cupcakes?)

Well, this time, I have a new plan and its time to test it out. I have new cupcake containers that are like the ones you buy cupcakes in at the grocery store, with individual spaces for the cupcakes. I figured it would keep them from sliding around and mushing together like last time.

I made a simple vanilla cupcake, (recipe is posted here, I left the filling out this time). I decided to try this 2 ways, with a normal icing swirl piped on, and with sprinkles covering the top to hopefully protect the icing from squishing.

I also decided to try FedEx this time, hoping that they would take better care of my package than the USPS.

After baking, I put them in the freezer overnight. The next day, I sent them both off to Texas.

The Results: FAIL....AGAIN! I really thought it would work this time! :(

I don't know what went wrong... Maybe I should have taped up the plastic container instead of just snapping it together? Or maybe I should have packed the box tighter?

But the good news is: this is progress! They actually still resemble cupcakes this time, just a little squished.

So, all I have to do is figure out how to keep them in the package and I'm golden!

The box ended up somewhat coated in frosting!

The 3rd times the Charm!...I'm hoping. 

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