Monday, September 3, 2012

Cute Kitty Cupcakes

Kitty cupcakes modeled after Hello, Cupcake's "Fat Cats Cupcakes". I don't have the book, so I was reading it on Google Books here.

Aren't they just so cute??

The gray one is my favorite!

But the orange one is cute too...this one has a messed up eye though :(

So, here is what you'll need:

my basket at some weird look at 8am with only candy!

  • Basic Chocolate Cupcake -- I used a VERY easy recipe from Baking Bites. I halved the recipe to only make 12 cupcakes. 
  • 2 Jars of Vanilla Icing -- I usually hate pre-made frosting, but that is what the book called for. And it was so much work putting them together, I just went with the easy pre-made stuff. 
  • Red, Yellow, and Black food coloring. I use Wilton's colors.
  • Famous Chocolate Wafers -- I had no idea what these were. Turns out they are like oreo's without the filling. These are for the ears. 
  • 2 packages of mentos -- for the face
  • 1 box of runts -- you only need the heart shaped ones for the nose
  • 1 package of starburst -- you only need 3 red ones for the tongues
  • Black gel icing to draw the sleeping eyes

Ready for the instructions? It really wasn't too hard at all!

STEP 1: Bake 12 chocolate cupcakes. Any recipe will work. Here is the one I used

MMM, yummy! And it make exactly 12 cupcakes

STEP 2: Make up your icing. Take 1 cup of icing and place it in a piping or ziploc bag. This will be for the face. Divide the remaining icing into two bowls and tint one gray (using a little bit of black coloring), and the other one orange (using red and yellow coloring). These will be for the fur. Place each color into its own piping or ziploc bag. 

Note: Use only a little bit of black coloring, and let sit for 10 minutes. The black coloring will darken up over time, so be careful not to add to much at the beginning.

Then Snip 1/8 inch off the corner of each bag.

STEP 3:  Carefully using a serrated knife, make 2 parallel vertical cuts into the wafer cookies about 3/4 of an inch from the edges. This will leave 2 curved pieces that will become the ears. You will need to cut up 12 cookies (or more if the cookies break..... I think I went through like 25 or 30 cookies!)

The pieces you need look like this:

STEP 4:  Attach the cookie ears to the cupcakes using a little bit of icing. They should be sticking about an inch over the edge of the cupcakes. 

Like this:

At this point, I was afraid they would look more like bunnies than kitties!

STEP 5: Time to add some fur! Start by piping lines of frosting onto the ears. Then work your way around the edges of the face, moving inward. Squeeze the frosting onto the cupcake, and quickly pull away so that it makes little tufts of fur. Repeat around the whole face, overlapping the fur as you move inward. But make sure to leave a circle un-frosted at the base for the face. 

Repeat the same process with the white, filling in the gap you left. The white should overlap on top of the orange/gray fur. 

STEP 6: Prepare the face accents:
  1. Make sure you have 24 mentos (which is 2 packs). I only bought 1 pack, and had to make a run to the store for more!
  2. Dig 12 red runt hearts out of the huge box you got. 
  3. Hope that your starburst package has at least 3 red starburst in it. Mine had exactly 3.
  4. Cut each red starburst into quarters. Pop into the microwave for 5 seconds, then mold into little teardrop shapes for the tongues.
So Many Runts!

STEP 7:  Assemble the Kitties!
  1. Place 2 mentos side by side on the white section of your kitty. 
  2. Place a red heart above the mentos for the nose
  3. Place the teardrop shaped starburst below the mentos, with the skinny side at the top for the tongue. 
  4. Using the black gel icing, draw 2 sleepy eyes above the white section of the face. 
  5. Step back and admire your work!

The book also made some of them with mini m&ms for eyes, but I thought the sleepy eyes were cuter, so I made them all sleeping :)

Now, I know its hard to believe because these are so adorable, but Sean does not want to take them to work!! He is "Too Embarrassed" by their cuteness!

Oh well, I guess I will have to find someone else to share them with! I don't think anyone else would complain about them  ;)

So many kitties!

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